How to succeed in the cryptocurrency revolution? Here is Serum, the antidote that frees trading!

The cryptocurrency market is all the rage. Beyond the original ideals, often overlooked in the name of efficiency and profit, it is difficult to always find how to reconcile crypto-monetary passion and strong convictions linked to decentralization. However, if centralized exchanges still occupy a preponderant place in the ecosystem, some projects want to combine efficiency, user experience and the values ​​of the original cryptosphere. Today, I present to you Serum, the Bitcoin Up who wants to change the game!

This promotional item is brought to you in collaboration with Serum.

When trading wants to break free

You know them, even if you haven’t yet dared to venture there : decentralized exchanges ( DEXs ) are showing staggering growth in this year 2020 … yet, they are still far from being able to compete with the heavyweights in the sector, such as Binance and Coinbase. It must be said that their potential adoption is slowed down in particular by their often convoluted operation , the difficulties of handling encountered by users, or theirlack of functionality – compared to the ease of use that characterizes benchmark platforms.

But what if I told you that it could well be that a real challenger has finally made his entry into the big leagues ? Determined to do battle and take the victory , here is Serum !

A team led by the best, for a successful bet

And Serum does not come out of nowhere: it is indeed a shock team led by the thinking head of FTX who took the bet to launch the project. The unspeakable Sam Bankman-Fried is therefore in the game, he who has already succeeded in making FTX one of the benchmarks in the sector , while the exchange was still a relative unknown to the battalion in December 2019 when Binance came there. take a substantial stake.

But the boss of FTX is naturally not alone on board : he surrounded himself with a team made up of the finest triggers of blockchain and cryptocurrencies, but also and above all employees with recognized expertise well beyond. of this emerging sphere: the project is for example developed by Anatoly Yakovenko , who dragged his gaiters to the historic DropBox ; or by Jeff Levy , a little genius who cut his teeth at the giant Google !

And the result is simply stunning !

The Solana blockchain, the foundation of a crypto-centric future?

Based on a Proof of Stake architecture , the Solana blockchain makes it possible to combine both the non-custodial aspect dear to the greatest crypto experts and the security desired and usually offered by only centralized exchanges .

It is out of the question to compromise with the ideals of decentralization , on the pretext of better performance ! No, with Solana you want the best of both worlds, and you get it ! But how ?

Thanks to a cutting-edge infrastructure that introduces a new paradigm in cryptocurrency: Proof-of-History. Thus, there is no longer any need to be limited by the usual blocks of historical blockchains – in size or in validation time – , since it is indeed each of the transactions that will be very specifically time-stamped automatically during its transmission , to be entered in a second time in the large time clock of the Solana blockchain . What interest ? Well at the same time that of offeringalmost instant confirmations (a capacity of 60,000 transactions per second is announced!), but also at simply laughable costs ! Realize, with Solana, it is possible to validate a million transactions on the fly , for the modest sum of $ 20 paid to network validators.

Serum is therefore the possibility for anyone to deploy their own fully decentralized exchange , built on the revolution that is Solana . Obviously, the goal is also to be able to interact with all the other DEX Serums launched by other crypto-explorers, but also with the largest renowned exchanges that are partners of the project. And all the power of Serum project does not stop there: in fact, Solana offers features very advanced but highly accessible and automated , allowing interoperability total between the different blockchains of the ecosystem. But what for, you will tell me? Well, quite simply allow you to interact with all the most famous cryptocurrencies , but without being subject to the risks of congestion of their original networks and at their sometimes delusional costs !